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Santa Made His List Now You Can Make Yours At 7-TOWERS.COM!


New! Holiday Wish List Service

In preparation for the holiday season, we are offering a new wish list service that removes the stress from holiday gift buying for would-be Santa’s.

Every year we have clients tell us how much they’d like a piece of art or a certain rug, but they don’t want to directly tell their spouse or family.  Our New Holiday Wish List  will allow for both surprise and a happy holiday.


How it works

  • You register a list of favorite items online and provide the contact information for your potential gift givers.
  • Before the holidays, we will contact your potential givers and let them know about your desired gifts.
  • The contacted giver can then choose the perfect gift from the list. You will not know what was chosen, so the gift will remain a surprise!

How you can use the 7-Towers.com Holiday Wish List online

You can also utilize the Holiday Wish Box from the convenience of your own home. Simply follow this link: Holiday Wish List .

  • Browse this website to find your desired items.
  • Add each item to your wish list 
  • Then go to your wish list and hit share and then copy and past the link and send it to all your family. Then you will get exactly what you want this Holiday season. 


What’s E-Design

Here at http://7-towers.com/ we take design seriously and we want you to love your space. We have a team of Designers that are here to help you no matter what your question is, from selecting a paint color, to what will the furniture or artwork look like in the room before you purchase, we can definitely assist you. Our goal is to have you “Love” your space!!! Below is an example of the power that 3D renderings have on helping you visualize your space.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store only to get home and realize that you didn’t get the main ingredient to a cake that you were baking? Trust me I know frustrating, I have been there.

When designing a room I love giving clients a 3D mock up of what the room will look like as well as a shopping list for all of the items in the room. It makes it easier for the client because they can see my intended vision in detail prior to ordering the first item. This also helps clients that are working with a budget and doing the room piece by piece.

What I would like to know are what are your thoughts of the of 3D Design?

Check out the Belmere Project that we just completed.


The Family Room “After”
This is a “Before” look of the Family Room.


Below is the 3D Design that we created of the room prior to changing or ordering any thing for the client. This shows what the room design will look like to the client once completed.
Below is the after picture again. 
Notice the Meena table lamp found here http://7-towers.com/meena/
For more information on E-Design click on http://7-towers.com/e-design-1/ or send us an email. We are glad to be at your service.

$500 Shopping Spree


Wow, what a weekend!! On Friday we launched our new online store http://7-Towers.com. 
7-Towers has over 7000 designer items; including artwork, mirrors, rugs, furniture, accessories, and lighting. 
7-Towers  is new to  Facebook  and wants to be “Liked” so much that they are giving away a 
$500.00 Gift Card to the site.
 To enter just “Like” http://www.facebook.com/SHOP7TOWERS
It’s that easy….

It’s Official… The Launch of www.7-Towers.com

It’s Official… The Launch of www.7-Towers.com

Many of you may know that we have been working on the launch of our new online store
www.7-Towers.com for several months. Well today it launched and we couldn’t be happier. Sales have been through the roof.  A big thanks to everyone who has www.7-Towers.com.

With that said I want to give you a little history as to the inspiration behind 7-Towers. As many of you know Morrone Interiors is an Interior Design firm based in Orlando, Florida. Our focus is on residential clients; together we work hand in hand with them to create beautiful spaces. One of our key roles as Interior Designers is furniture selection and procurement for our clients. This is something that we love to do. Each year we go to the various markets to see all of the new items that are coming out in the upcoming seasons. We meet with manufactures to learn about new products as well as their existing lines. We make sure that each item we select is built with integrity and that the manufacture takes pride in the craftsmanship of the piece.

As experts in the industry we wanted to provide a unique shopping experience. 7-Towers features an
E-Design program to where you can select from a variety of Interior Designer services no matter where in the world you are located. If you have a question about any of are items from our rugs to our sofas we can help you visualize what it will look like prior to you purchasing through the use of 3D Designs. We take all of the guess work out of buying online.

Check us out, and let us know what you think. www.7-Towers.com


How Bookcases Can Transform a Room

I have the pleasure of working with a client who just recently purchased a home that was built in 1947. Prior to them moving in two weeks ago we renovated their kitchen and guest bathroom, you can see the before and after photos on our Facebook page. Now that they have moved in our focus has turned to the formal living room. While there today I was thinking of all of the great uses for the space, than it hit me that along the back wall how great it would be if we did a built in bookcase. My reasons are simple, my client is in need of more storage…. what better way to obtain storage than a bookcase.

Now I know bookcases aren’t for everyone, infact some of you may be getting rid of your books and opting for Nooks, Kinde Fires, Ipad and other tablets that have e-readers, hey I am right there with you… however there is something about a built-in bookcase that is just timeless.
Below are some bookcases that I thought would really inspire.












As always thanks for reading,


My Favorite Halloween Ideas from Pinterest

Okay so it’s no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love decorating for Halloween, whether spooky scary, or Halloween glam, I just love it.


With that said I have been pinning like crazy for the past month. Below are some of my favorite Pins that I wanted to share with you. They are perfect if you are planning a Halloween Party.



Vampire Teeth Place Card Holder - Fun Idea


I am loving the donut broomsticks


Wrapping paper tube, paper towel tubes and TP tubes. Hot glue (I was amazed that I only used about 3 sticks, flat black spray paint and 3/$1 battery op tea lights from Dollar Tree.

Wrapping paper tube, paper towel tubes and TP tubes. Hot glue (I was amazed that I only used about 3 sticks, flat black spray paint and 3/$1 battery op tea lights from Dollar Tree.


Put a glass bowl in a hollow pumpkin to hold punch or cider at a Fall party. #halloween party


Write a spooky poem on a chalkboard for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for a Halloween party. See the rest of this Halloween buffet: http://www.bhg.com/halloween/recipes/set-up-a-spooky-halloween-buffet/?socsrc=bhgpin091112halloweenchalkboard




DIY Halloween Tablescape


Dresses made from chicken wire and painted white to create ghosts on the lawn...   Great Ideas with the branches and crows.




Countdown to Launch

The countdown is on and we are eagerly awaiting the launch of our new online store http://7-towers.com which launches this Friday October 12th.

The store features a vast variety of designer items from brands like Uttermost and Surya Rugs to Zuo Modern, to the most traditional to ultra modern there is really something for everyone.

Here’s really what we love about each item that is featured on 7-Towers many of the items we’ve  used  in client designs, so we can stand behind the quality and the craftsmanship.

Another unique feature to our store is our E-Design program; from rooms that need a little inspiration to 3D Designs we can help.

So check us out and let us know what you think, we would love your feedback!



What Inspires You

Happy Monday Everyone!!!  So this past weekend I visited Savannah Georgia for the first time, and I have to say I loved it. Now for those of you who know me you already know that I love to travel. I love seeing new places, trying new food, and meeting new people.

We arrived in Savannah on Friday and after a great wine reception at our hotel (The East Bay Inn) we decided to have dinner across the street at the Bohemian. I’m pretty sure that I was in love five seconds after walking through the door; okay maybe three seconds. :-) The Bohemian showcases a great mix of old and new, from modern lighting to rustic wood furniture. Below are some pictures of the hotel.  





Hotels are a great way to get inspired, they are designed to be aesthetic as well as comfortable. On your next trip take pictures of elements that you love in your hotel, it can be photos of the lobby or even the hotel restaurant. An example of this is the ottoman in the picture above; I’m in love with it and think that it would lok fantastic in my family room so on the design board it goes, it’s that simple. :-)




White Wood Floors…. To Do, Or Not To Do that Is The Question…..

Last week our floor guys installed wood floors in a room that we are converting to a yoga studio for a client; the next day our carpenter, whom we love went to install baseboards for the client. Once he finished he called me and the conversation went a little like this…. “Hey there, I’m finished up with the baseboards….(brief pause) …… The floors are WHITE”… my response was “Yes I know I picked them” :-) The response back was “Ya but there white.”

Many of us are afraid of white, whether it be a sofa, a chair, wall color, or even a table we worry about the maintenance on keeping it white.  Now think about a white wood floor…. scary right? Well here’s the thing it doesn’t have to be, in fact it can be exhilarating.

White wood floors are very versatile, they can be used in traditional rooms, coastal rooms, even the most modern rooms look stunning with white wood floors.

Below are some examples of white wood floors that WOW.



Okay at this point I bet you are wondering what’s the upkeep like with white wood floors…. well for those of us that have dark wood floors it’s very similar with the exception that the darker wood floors show more dust :-) . A good wood floor cleaner like Bruce or Bona work well on engineered white wood floors, whereas white vinegar poured into hot water works great on painted white floors.

Okay so in the photo above I like the strips but something tells me that I think that I would be tempted to try to only walk on the darker lines…. hmmm I wonder?


Personally I don’t think that I would be brave enough to do white wood floors in a dining room, if I did I’m not sure anything with red sauce would ever be on the menu again.


So now that I have shared my thoughts about white wood floors, what are your thoughts are they a do, or a do not?

My Obsession, Reclaimed Wood Walls

Ok Seriously, I am so in love with the look of reclaimed wood walls. Maybe love isn’t even the right word, I am actually obsessed. :-)  

Recently I attended a birthday party for a super close friend Emily at a restaurant here in town. The food is fabulous but the atmosphere is out of this world. The restaurant features a large reclaimed wood wall that acts as a backdrop to a large chalkboard and  sconce lighting. For me it was love at first site. Since that time I have been obsessed with reclaimed wood walls and have decided that I have to have one in my family room.



Once I started looking online for reclaimed wood walls, I was amazed at how they can be used in ultra modern as well as traditional and even rustic places.  They seem to bring a feeling of warmth to any room. Not only do they look great reclaimed wood walls also give you a feeling of history depending on the age of your wood. The wood that I am actually researching for my family room is 80 years old. Now tell me how cool is that.


Reclaimed wood walls can be used in kids rooms. this one totally looks like something out of Pottery Barn Kids.

You don’t have to use reclaimed wood on an entire wall. You can use it as an accent as well to create a cozy backdrop as seen in the photo above.


In modern designs reclaimed wood walls become the focal point to the room. Think about it, if that was a just a painted wall behind the chairs the room would be blah. 


More and more resorts and hotels are using reclaimed wood walls to create a cozy, warm environment for their guest. 


How many times have you walked upstairs only to say we need something on this wall??? Look at what using reclaimed wood does, instant focal point.

I love the white reclaimed wood. Notice that not all of the planks match, you have different shades of white, as well as different size planks. Love it!!!





Love this reclaimed wood bed. 




Reclaimed wood makes a great room divider in the loft. I love how the designer mixed traditional and modern elements in this room by using the ghost chairs with the painted white traditional stools. 



Not everything has to be horizontal or vertical when it comes to a reclaimed wood wall, you can always try circles. :-)


I love the depth of this reclaimed wood wall. Notices the sizes of wood and the colors, it’s art.



Ok so now you have heard my rant about reclaimed wood, I know, I know I am truly obsessed. :-)